Are you looking to unlock strategic challenges and opportunities?

Do you have a good strategy but are unable to deliver that strategy into the business?

Are you looking for a team that is agile and equipped for each different business challenge that you face?


We enable organisations to:

Build strong business

Build strong business and brand foundations by anchoring them in a core purpose

Navigate increasingly dynamic trading

Navigate dynamic trading environments through agile strategy, designs & planning

Drive new growth

Drive new growth through insights, creative strategy, innovation, experience and product design

Business sustainability

Deliver value and measure success through project management, planning & measurement

We engage in the full spectrum from Insights, Innovation to Strategy and Execution. 


We design our approach based on your unique challenge, whether it’s blue-sky innovation or strategy development to delivering quick wins and tactical plans.  But our focus is always to ensure our strategies are:

  • Agile
  • Bespoke
  • Creative
  • Dynamic
  • Executionable

What we do






  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Desk research
  • In-depth interviews
  • Analytics
  • Data mining
  • Segmentation

Project scoping:

  • Briefing / immersion
  • Success metrics / targets

Stakeholder engagement:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Kick-off session / facilitation
  • Leadership alignment


  • Strategies
  • Brands
  • Value proposition
  • Positioning
  • Products & services
  • Plans (commercial, brand, sales, loyalty & marketing)
  • Team structures & capability needs


  • Brand expression & guidelines
  • Brand assets
  • Product
  • Customer experience
  • Service culture & training
  • Processes
  • Ways of Working


  • Project management
  • Internal engagement
  • Session facilitation
  • Training & coaching


  • Measurement Plan
  • Feedback
  • Case studies
  • Consumer research
  • Mystery shop
  • Audit
  • Brand quality & tracking
  • Customer satisfaction tracking & performance

What we can do to support in this area:

Our strategy consulting services help business leaders to not only formulate winning strategies but also to execute against those strategies with a comprehensive roadmap and plan.

We perform a diagnostic assessment of where your organisation currently is as the first step. From there, alongside an internal client team, we begin to identify the optimal opportunities for pursuit. In-depth research and analysis is the foundation upon which our recommendations are based. We customise our approach, employing various frameworks and relevant idea generation techniques to ensure we deliver actionable strategic recommendations.

With experience and expertise in business transformation and process improvement, we work closely with you to build a compelling business case for change, devise a detailed implementation plan and roadmap, efficiently and effectively manage the change process, and measure progress against relevant metrics.

Questions we can answer:

  • What can I do to drive organic growth for my business?
  • How do I align my business priorities with my organisational purpose?
  • I am evaluating entering a new market. What do I need to do?
  • To adapt to the dynamic and fluid market conditions, what do I need to do to evolve my strategy and planning?
  • How can I better articulate my organization’s purpose and align it internally to engage with my team?

As a Brand is created by the sum of all the interactions & experiences a consumer has with the company, it can be one of your organization’s most important assets. It gives your organization an identity, makes your business memorable and differentiated from your competitors, and brings your employees pride.

What we can do to support in this area:

We can help you define opportunities and positioning that reflect the essence of your brand and create distinctive brand strategies to achieve your desired positioning. Crafted with your business goals in mind, and what we know of your target audience, we can design and develop a solution to meet those customer needs, whether it’s designing a new corporate brand, or developing a new product.

Questions we can answer:

  • What can I do to grow my brand?
  • I’m looking to reposition my brand to target a more refined customer segment. What do I need to do?
  • I’m adding a new brand to my existing portfolio. How do I determine the role of each brand?
  • I have a new brand. What do I need to do to launch the brand?
  • How can I develop my personal brand?
  • What should my brand identity be that will resonate best with my consumers?

Data can be overwhelming. We strive to help you make sense of all your data, making it simple and scalable, and more importantly, translate them into actionable insights.

What we can do to support in this area:

We deploy different techniques such as customised market research, desktop research, in-depth interviews, and data mining. We also engage and speak with internal stakeholders to leverage any existing internal knowledge and data points, to determine any additional research or analytics gaps. Analysing all the data gathered, we work with you to translate them into insights, and develop an action plan for your organisation.

Questions we can answer:

  • I want to run a market research to gauge consumer response to my initial concept but I don’t have a lot of budget
  • I have data on-hand but I’m not sure how to turn them into actionable insights that I can pursue
  • I want to understand the strengths and areas of development for my brand, by customer segment, by market
  • I need to better understand the current market and economic landscape, consumer trends, competitors performance
  • I need to develop metrics and measure performance of my new projects

What we can do to support in this area:

Uncovering real customer insight as stimulus, we help you build a launchpad for new ideas, and turn those ideas into reality, together with your teams, from ideation to solution development to go-to-market launch plan. We can help facilitate brainstorming sessions, using proven techniques to inspire and draw out ideas, building on discussions collectively,

Our ability to uncover hidden consumer needs and innovate new solutions to meet those needs has driven new revenues for our clients and new customer acquisition.

Questions we can answer:

  • I identified a gap in the marketplace with unmet customer needs.
  • I need to build an innovation pipeline
  • I am developing a new product. What do I need to do?
  • I would like to leverage new customer trends and technology to further differentiate my customer experience. How do I start?

We want to create value and bring about sustainable and profitable growth for all the key stakeholders, whether you are the business owner, investor, shareholder, or employee. It’s not uncommon to find situations when teams are duplicating efforts or are not optimizing current processes, tools or resources. Especially in challenging market situations, it’s even more critical that companies are maximizing existing resources, and reprioritising them if need be.

What we can do to support in this area:

We can help you identify areas to drive further growth for your company, whether it’s by unlocking untapped revenue streams, or improving the efficiencies and effectiveness of your brand, sales & marketing organisation. Once these have been identified, we can develop tools and guidelines to help cascade key information across the teams and engage them in the process.

Questions we can answer:

  • I need to improve efficiency in how the Commercial teams work together and share information
  • Knowledge management is a current gap in the organisation. How can I improve it?
  • Currently, the Sales and Marketing teams work on their own annual planning, without a consistent template. How can I improve the annual planning process so that all the goals are better aligned towards the same targets?
  • There are duplicated efforts across teams, which result in wasted time and slower speed—to-market. How do we address this?

It’s vital that we adopt a customer-centric approach and put your customers at the heart of every initiative to ensure that any solution we develop is relevant to their needs.

What we can do to support in this area:

We will work with you to define the problem/opportunity, ideate and develop a unique and compelling customer experience. Mapping out the entire customer journey, we will identify and elevate key touchpoints that a customer has with your organisation. From there, we develop specific solutions to address any pain-points, or strengthen any interactions.

To support this customer experience, we can develop the service principles for your organisation, with the necessary standards and behaviours documented for training your teams.

Questions we can answer:

  • I am looking to develop service behaviours that embody my brand DNA, which are inspiring whilst easy to understand and execute by my frontline colleagues
  • I’m trying to understand my brand’s end-to-end customer experience, from online to offline, and identify the pain points for improvement, as well as to identify opportunities to differentiate the experience to make it more memorable for my customers

We can help drive your Marketing performance – from strategy to plan.

What we can do to support in this area:

We work with you to understand any customer insights, and based on your target audience, ensure that your Marketing strategy and plan is targeted. The communications plan is thorough and relevant, leveraging the numerous touchpoints that your company can have with the customer throughout the entire journey, with the right messaging and content strategy – online, offline and PR. We also align any key external facing communications with internal messaging so that it’s the same message essence that is being articulated.

Questions we can answer:

  • I need to build my digital marketing strategy
  • I’m struggling with trying to measure the effectiveness and impact of my marketing campaigns
  • I’m a newly established small company that has just developed a new skincare product. I’m thinking of utilising digital channels and PR. How should I go about planning my launch campaign?

Developing stronger relationships and increasing customer value are increasingly important as businesses grow.

What we can do to support in this area:

With the right value proposition, customer experience, and data insights, we can help you design and develop a compelling loyalty strategy, to improve your customer journey and business performance.  Or whether your objective is to increase member acquisition, retention or engagement.

We can explore new ancillary revenue streams via partnerships (strategic or tactical), enhance your loyalty program mechanics or other incentives.

Questions we can answer:

  • How can I identify new opportunities for member acquisition?
  • I am exploring new potential partnership opportunities. How should I evaluate them?
  • I need to improve member retention and engagement. How do I tackle this challenge?
  • I would like to build up my customer database. How do I start planning?

What we can do to support in this area:

We define and design your brand identity to bring your brand personality to life and convey the brand idea in an emotionally powerful way. We can create your brand identity style guide, with the Do’s and Don’ts of how to apply your logo, brand colour palette, typography, tone of voice and other visual components of the identity applications. The style guide will ensure that whoever uses your branding does so accurately and consistently.

We can also create content for conferences, whether it’s internal or external, and other supporting assets such as videos, social media assets.

Questions we can answer:

  • I need to create a new logo for my company as well as some other items such as business cards, letterheads, email signatures.
  • I have an upcoming internal conference and I need to prepare an engaging and impactful presentation.
  • I need to create a toolkit document for my internal teams, to explain what the company brand is and how they impact it.
  • I am looking to create some customer interview videos to be used in a conference.

What we can do to support in this area:

We offer expertise and experience in organisational design, including innovative approaches to leadership development, performance management, and other aspects of workforce development, especially for the Commercial function.

We will partner with you to ensure that your team is set up for future and scalable growth by determining the optimal structure and processes, phasing any new headcounts. To support the organisational design, we can also develop Ways of Working, to optimise processes and maximise collaboration across teams.

Questions we can answer:

  • I’m looking to develop a commercial organisational structure that is aligned to deliver against the company objectives and growth targets
  • I would like to enhance the collaboration and processes between my Sales, Marketing and Brand teams

What we can do to support in this area:

Lexicon can help you project manage any business critical projects, with our templates and process, ensuring that the teams are on track with regular updates to senior leadership on progress, as well as clear accountability for each project team member. In addition, with any new projects or initiatives launched, it is key that we are able to measure its success so that we can refine for future learnings, or celebrate key milestones. It’s an iterative process, like a feedback loop.

We can help your business develop a measurement plan, and embed that measurement culture throughout your organisation.

Questions we can answer:

  • I am working on an initiative that involves my colleagues from other teams but they also have their respective priorities to manage. I will need objective oversight to ensure that everyone is on track
  • I need to prepare a status report to the senior leaders to update them on the progress and inform them of any roadblocks. What kind of template would work best?

It’s not enough to just have a strategy and plan. What is important as well is ensuring that the organization and senior leaders are all on-board with the company’s purpose, vision, strategy and plan. This means that we need to align and engage them when necessary.

What we can do to support in this area:

With years of experience advising and working with Chairs, CEOs, CMOs, and strategy leaders, we understand how to best engage them. We can help guide such key strategic discussions and meetings for leadership alignment and buy-in into the plan. In addition, we can help facilitate the following types of sessions:

  • Future Planning: 3-year Planning and Beyond
  • Challenge Identification Session
  • Brainstorming & Ideation Sessions
  • Internal Business Meeting Facilitations
  • Project Kick-offs Implementation Workshops
  • New Market Assessment

We can also run these sessions in the local business language in other markets, with the help of translators, e.g. Japanese, Chinese.

Questions we can answer:

  • We would like to run an internal ideation session, bringing in people from different teams, to brainstorm new ideas for our customer experience
  • We need to develop our 3-year Commercial plan, ensuring that our Sales, Marketing, Channels organisation are all working towards the same goals

We believe that a significant contributor to success is the accurate identification and in-depth understanding of the real business challenge and the creation of unique and relevant solutions.

This is why discovery (insights, immersion and exploration) and innovation is at the core of all that we do!