We bring together business needs, experience of senior executives and subject matter expertise to create impactful strategies fast!

Our “assembly” model ensures engagement from senior executive team members throughout the duration of the project, with the relevant experience and expertise required for each specific business challenge.
It is what truly sets us apart.

How we get there

A robust process that helps us design a solution tailored to your needs


the real corporate challenge or opportunity through stakeholder engagement, research and analytics of in-house and external data, parallel worlds


strategies, opportunity territories, plans, ideas, and  organizational capability


and innovate to create relevant and unique solutions services, experiences or products


solutions within the organisation by managing or overseeing the process of delivery and ensuring alignment throughout the organisation


measure the success of the solutions for future learnings

We co-own challenges to the end.

Our definition of success is not a delivery of a report. It is the delivery of value into the business.


In addition to strategy development, we recognise the critical importance of strategy delivery. Moving from paper-value to real-value by execution and integration within the business.

Our consulting, corporate and start-up backgrounds enable us to support our clients not only in challenge identification and solution creation but also in navigating stakeholder management and delivery.

Our “Assembly” model

We understand that different businesses and different projects need different expertise …. !

“One size NEVER fits all.”

Lexicon operates on an agile model of core team members assigned to clients with an agile team of committed associates with diverse industry, technical and subject matter expertise who are assembled specifically for each project. Our team brings with them decades of experience in their respective fields, across geographies and industries. This enables us to bring together diverse expertise of senior professional with decades of experience across industries and categories, all without breaking the bank.


Our Need for Duality:
In a dynamic world duality is critical

We strongly believe in long term Purpose. It keeps people passionate and is the glue that engages the ecosystem. However, our trading environment is constantly evolving and more fluid than ever. Hence, agility of response to our dynamic trading environment and consumer needs not only pose everyday business challenges but is critical to retaining this engagement

We understand the duality of needs between:

  • Purpose & Profitability,
  • Agility & Stability,
  • Innovation & Practicality,
  • Strategy & Execution.

Our Trinity:

Combining the key experience elements into a sweet spot!

Our client base comprises of a diverse range of industries. From start ups, multi-national corporations to social enterprises and ranges from consumer goods, to hospitality, and education.

This allows us to bring together the agility (from start-ups), robust insights, brand & marketing principles (from global consumer goods companies) and blend it with the softer service & experience development (from hospitality), to build a robust and encompassing approach to developing and delivering solutions.