Our Story

At Lexicon, we define impact as enabling our clients to build sustainable and future-ready businesses that are anchored in strong brands with a long-term social purpose, within a sustainable ecosystem. Putting your customers at the heart of your business, understanding their needs, and aligning that with your business needs and purpose.

Creative experts is innately who we are. We can’t help but be inspired by unconventional approaches and new territories.

Our Lexicon…

The difference between lexicon and vocabulary is that while vocabulary refers to the list of words a person knows (of a particular language), lexicon refers to the list of words along with its related knowledge, its significance and usage.

This is at the core of what we at Lexicon strive for in all the work that we do.

Not only are we focused on the identification of critical variables but also how it comes together that creates business value.


We believe that a significant contributor to success is the accurate identification and in-depth understanding of the business challenge – the right problem and the right brief!

Our Role: That is why insights and discovery is at the core of the work we do to ensure all efforts are directed at the right challenge.

Good Business

A good business challenge is what gets us hooked. We are In our comfort zone in the most uncharted waters, the most unknown territories and in various shades of grey.

Our Role: To use our skills in innovation, strategy and planning to provide clarity and simplicity amidst complexity, unfamiliarity and uncertainty.


“One size doesn’t fit all.” Each business faces unique challenges, and different projects within a business has different needs. There is a need for a pool of diverse resources with a variety of expertise to deliver on these different challenges.

Our Role: To curate a team unique to each business and challenge. We assemble a team that is best equipped to engage effectively in your business challenge.

Meet the Team

We have associates located in key cities across the world such as London, Shanghai, Singapore, New Delhi and Sydney. Meet some of our team members:

“The Ideator”


“The Oracle”


“The Creator”


“The Transformer”


Our partners each have

Years of experience




Global associates across UK, China, India, Singapore & Australia


Subject matter areas

startups, clients & agencies

Team's Background

The value our team brings

Our team has worked in consulting firms, multi-national corporations as clients, in start-ups and some have run businesses of their own.

This allows us to :

  • bring an operational and commercial lens to all our projects
  • understand the intricacies of delivering and embedding solutions
  • understand the need for agility and adaptability for a business

We’ve seen the complexities of multi-location, multi-touchpoint operations; the intricacies of engaging high-performing teams across geographies and cultures; and the imperative to anticipate and adapt to the ever-changing customer sentiments and market conditions

As ex-clients, we understand the challenges of working with agencies, as entrepreneurs we understand the need for agile fast processes and as consultants, we understand and are able to bring the outside world in.

Some of our clients

28 Cube

We try to extend our value to our community and ecosystem

We strongly believe in giving back to our communities and the eco-system we are part of.

Nurturing the next generation of talent is a cause we are passionate about. Our team volunteer their time as judges or mentors for various initiatives. Our proprietary developed Personal Branding programme helps people understand and develop their own brand.

Lexicon also donates a percentage of its profits to causes that we are passionate about, via our social enterprise partner, Tribe.


We are a Certified Practising Management Consultant

Lexicon is a certified Practising Management Consultancy (PMC) with the Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council (SBACC).

The business world is constantly evolving – along with the expectations of organisations on what a management consultant should be able to deliver.  The SBACC certification requires stringent assessment process to ensure that consultancies meets multiple qualifying criteria. These include educational and professional qualifications, relevant working experiences, strong clients’ testimonials and continuous updating of skills.  Along with PMC, Lexicon’s partners also have the following certifications, such as CPA, Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Info Systems Auditor (CISA), CSX Cybersecurity Practitioner, Certified Info Security Management System ISO27001 Auditor and Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM).