A world of creative and strategic problem solving!

Welcome to Lexicon…

We identify, create and deliver purpose, value and growth by unlocking challenges and uncovering opportunities. We help identify the real business challenge, develop actionable solutions tailored to your organization, but more importantly work as part of your team to help deliver and embed these solutions into your business.  

After all, the value is only realized once it’s delivered into the business!

We enable organisations to:

Build strong business

Build strong business and brand foundations by anchoring them in a core purpose

Navigate increasingly dynamic trading

dynamic trading environments through agile strategy, design & planning

Drive new growth

Drive new growth through insights, creative strategy, innovation, experience and product design

Business sustainability

Deliver value and measure success through project management, planning & measurement

We get involved in all areas of our clients’ business from advisory to delivery. Some key areas of work include:

We co-own challenges to the end.

Our definition of success is not a delivery of a report. It is the delivery of value into the business.


In addition to strategy development, we recognise the critical importance of strategy delivery. Moving from paper-value to real-value by execution and integration within the business.

Our consulting, corporate and start-up backgrounds enable us to support our clients not only in challenge identification and solution creation but also in navigating stakeholder management and delivery.

Why Us

Why Us

We are practitioners and entrepreneurs.
We’ve been on both sides, client and consultant.  We understand the need for actionable delivery and operationalisation of a strategy into the business.

Why Us

We provide clarity and simplicity amidst complexity and unfamiliarity.
We thrive on ambiguity and in unfamiliar territory. Everything is not always black and white or clear but we are here to help you navigate and create direction in unchartered waters.

Why Us

We believe in long-term partnerships. 
Our project shelf-lives  adapt to your needs and not ours; ensuring that we help you embed solutions within the organisation and measure success.

Why Us

We are agile and adaptable.
We tailor our solutions to your business and assemble a unique team for each project challenge, bringing in the relevant associates as needed. A mix of experiences and insights without breaking the bank. Something you don’t get in a traditional consultancy.

Why Us

We are with you every step of the way.
It’s not just about delivering the solution but helping you sell it into the business and to stakeholders. Open, transparent communications and stakeholder alignment are important to us. We are with you every step of the way to help you embed the solution within the organisation.

No matter what your challenge is, we can help you

Emerging Start-up

Looking for cost-effective guidance, tools and processes to drive sustainable and scalable growth


Exploring the growth potential of the company to develop a strategy and roadmap

Established Company

Whether you are a product or service brand, looking to further differentiate your offering, expand your product portfolio or enter new markets or segments

Not-for-profit Organisation

Looking to maximise effectiveness and efficiency with limited resources